Why does the announcement of something freely offered always get such a skeptical response?  Do we not believe in freedom?  Do we not believe in giving and receiving?  Do we not believe that we are deserving of a gift freely given?  Do we not believe that there is plenty to go around, to share, and to enjoy?

What do we believe about enjoying the gifts Life has to offer us?  Perhaps we don’t believe there are any “gifts of Life.”  It is truly a matter of how we look at it.

It has been said that nothing is given, everything is sold, and the price must be paid in spiritual and mental coin.  Take what you like, and pay the price.  That is one way of looking at it.  And it explains why so many have so little in the midst of so much.  They are unwilling to pay the price.  Or, perhaps, they believe they can’t afford it – that they are out of spiritual and mental coin.

It is certainly true that there is no person poorer than the person who believes he or she has nothing to give.  This is just another way of looking at life and ourselves.

I believe that Life gives freely.  I believe that the “good” of Life is available to all who can recognize its nature.  I believe we will experience the freedoms of Life to the degree that we embrace and believe in the concept of freedom.  And I believe that receiving  this good enables us to give more good back to the world in uncountable ways.

I celebrate daily the generosity of people I’ve never met!  There are so many wise people who offer delightful and informative workshops “free”!  These educational opportunities cover a myriad of topics and more than that, offer an opportunity to enrich lives simply for the fun of it or to explore potential business options.   This enhancement of my life enables me to reach out and give more of my skills, talents and newly found wisdom to others.  As a result everyone benefits from “free”!

It is truly done unto us as we believe.  But do we realize it is “we” who are “doing it to ourselves”?  We set our own limits of what we can or will receive without realizing there is infinite abundance for the taking.  We set the price, then haggle within ourselves to lower the price on that which is free.  And then, because we can get it free we question the value!

The price we must be willing to pay to receive freely is simply the belief that the “good” of Life is free.  We must have the courage to embrace Freedom.

Throw away the misplaced idea that there isn’t enough good, and that it can only be acquired at a great expense.  Sacrifice, self-denial, hoarding — these practices would perhaps have some relevance in a limited world, but we exist in an infinite universe of abundance.

I am inviting you to accept “FREE” into your life!

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