What Are You Creating?

Think you’re being idle, “vegging out”, at rest?  Think again!  Our thoughts and beliefs are always at work creating something for us in the external world because thoughts are things.    “What we think about, we bring about” as the wise saying goes.  We should not fool ourselves into believing some thoughts are creative and others are not, for they all are.  Therefore we need to monitor any negative thought patterns gathering in our minds and replace them with ideas of Truth, or we will be more surprised than pleased when the results show up in our lives as unpleasant conditions.

On the other hand, we can joyfully take pleasure in the good which our positive thoughts bring about.  We create that good by modeling our mental patterns after our highest sense of Reality, of what is good and right and true; when we do this, we are working in harmony with the music of the Universe.  The Law of Mind impersonally creates for us whatever we think into It, so the choice is ours.  That Universal Law of Mind does not play favorites any more than the Law of Gravity can play favorites, It simply responds to the directives we provide through our thoughts.

Why not determine to make happy choices?  Let’s resolve to practice control over our thoughts, because rightly directed, those thoughts will unlock all the good we can possible imagine.  How much joy, prosperity, health, peace and love do you want to experience?


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