Spring is here and just as it is time to clear our garden spaces for planting it is an excellent time to do a little mental housecleaning as well.

If you’ve ever had a garden you know a garden patch cannot be left untended for extensive periods of time or it will be taken over by unwanted growth, i.e., weeds!   In much the same way, a forest left to its natural evolutionary processes will eventually become as dense as the forest surrounding it.  The first intruders are shrubs, followed by small trees, until the once open and grassy land is a wooded forest.  Therefore, if someone desired to keep the meadow a meadow, free of new growth, then it would need to be cleared and maintained on a regular basis.

Just as a garden or meadow can be overrun by unwanted vegetation, our lives can be taken over by undesirable circumstances.  If we are not constantly alert to weed out of our thinking those errant mental seedlings which may be unfriendly or downright harmful to us, they will take root in our consciousness and cause havoc.  We must consistently cultivate our minds by identifying and eliminating all irrelevant thoughts.  Mental gardening is as important to our well-being as weeding a garden patch is to the success of the garden.

We must stand guard over our thoughts –allowing only positive thoughts to take root in our consciousness which in turn creates an outer life revealing healthy and happy consequences.  By standing guard we are in charge of what enters our mind and we reap the wonderful results of such diligent mental gardening.


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