Not Always Perfect ~

Is today one of those days?

Okay, accept it.  Take a deep breath, sit back and let it happen.

It is important to know we don’t always have to be strong to be strong. Sometimes our strength is expressed in being vulnerable. Sometimes we need to fall apart to be able to regroup and get back on track.

We all have days when we cannot push any harder, cannot hold back self-doubt one more second, cannot stop focusing on fear, and cannot be strong.

There are days when we cannot focus on being responsible.  We don’t even want to try to think about being responsible!

Sometimes, we don’t want to get out of our pajamas. Sometimes we cry in front of people. Sometimes we expose our tiredness, irritability, sadness or anger.  And, sometimes we feel very, very guilty when we do this … we should always be strong after all.  (And just who says we should?)

However, those days are okay. They are plain and simply okay.

It is okay to be selfish. Being selfish means taking care of ourselves first so that we have the ongoing strength to continue helping others who are important to us.   It is okay to allow ourselves personal renewal time.   Part of taking care of ourselves means we give ourselves permission to “fall apart” when we need to. Throw out that notion that we need to be perpetual towers of strength!

We ARE strong. We have proven that. Our strength will once again resurface and continue as we allow ourselves the courage to feel scared, weak, and vulnerable when we need to experience those feelings.

It is okay to allow yourself to be human, to not feel guilty or punish yourself when you need to “fall apart”.  And you truly will feel freedom and a lightness of spirit when your “fall apart” has past and you rise once again to great the day with joy, courage and strength.


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