“Psychologists tell us that every one of us thinks an average of between 65,000 and 70,000 thoughts a day and 90 to 95% of those thoughts are repetitive. They’re the same thoughts we’ve always thought and they become the patterns of our thinking. Thought patterns create the experiences of our lives.” ~Mary Manning Morrisey

I know that I have heard this before; however, when it arrived in my email again yesterday it brought with it new ideas as though I was seeing it for the first time.

70,000 thoughts a day would be 490,000 a week, or 25,480,000 in a year. Over 25 million thoughts a year … and they’re mostly repetitive.   Yikes!

Just the “thought” of it is enough to give me a brain squeeze and make me tired. It makes me feel like I must go in circles a lot!  Gosh, maybe I should get out more!  I am a voracious reader ~ maybe I need to read more!  I enjoy educating myself and am constantly learning new things!  How on earth can I be thinking the same things over and over and over?

And so as I face this new day I once again commit to being aware of what I am thinking.  I commit to a practice of gently encouraging and guiding myself to creating positive thoughts.

What that mean to me is….

  • · Thinking about how and what I need to do to increase harmony, abundance, peace and happiness in my life. I accept that this is not a simple task when it can be so easy to give responsibility for my general well being to someone else … and then point out to myself how “they” could do it.
  • · Positive Thoughts also mean that I invest more time in thinking about creative ideas and actions. This brings stimulation and diversity into my life. I make choices for what interests me and the Law of Cause and Effect brings new thoughts of how to creatively express myself.

Now this seem much more rewarding than being bored and waiting for someone else to bring stimulation into my life as I sit back and think the same things over and over and over again.

Yes, today is an opportunity to channel my thoughts. Can you imagine what I could accomplish with a few (70,000!!!) well chosen thoughts today?



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