“Have A Good Day”

“Things are ideas in form. What else could they be?There is nothing from which to make things except ideas.” ~Dr. Ernest Holmes

For many years people have been urging one another to “Have a good day.” This statement has become almost a ritual following the completion of a business transaction. When you’re at the grocery store, shopping, or getting gas for your car, along with the change or receipt come the words, “Have a good day.” We also often hear those words when we part company with someone, be it a friend or business colleague.

We hear this phrase so many times in a day we don’t even really hear it anymore and, in fact, automatically repeat the phrase back to the person wishing us that good day! If we really want to have a good day I would submit that we must start with more than just an idle wish from someone else. It is our ideas about this day that will make it a good one – there is nothing from which we can make a good day except through our thoughts about it. The thoughts we actively embrace and the ideas we put into action from those ideas actually create the day we will experience. Our day will be as good as the ideas we form in our consciousness ~ “What you think about, you bring about” or “Thoughts are things.”

More and more frequently I find myself wanting to offer something other than the boring and standard “Have a good day”  ~ I would like to offer something that will help people think differently about their day.  My favorite beginning phrase is “Make yours a ____ day” I fill in the blank with words like magical , incredible, awesome, fantastic.  When you hear “Make yours a magical day” does your mind travel just a bit toward fun, delight, joyfulness?  Or how about “Make yours an awesome day” ~ doesn’t that elicit totally different thoughts than “good day”? The phrase “Make yours” suggests you take action and almost any word you pick other than the standard and expected “good “ offers the opportunity for the other person  to stop and think just a moment in their busy day about how that kind of day  might look.

If our objective is to be happy, harmonious, prosperous, and healthy, we must establish the ideas which bring about these conditions: ideas of kindness, goodness, cheerfulness, helpfulness, confidence, and trust. We don’t have to look someplace else to find those thoughts for they are already within us. We simply need to open our mind and become aware of the ideas we are truly thinking. As we do this, our day will be patterned after the ideas of the good things we have brought into mind.

Set your intention to find delight in every hour of your day, to see and share joy with others, to be excited about all the good things in life.

Try it, you might like it! After all, what do you have to lose?

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