If you refuse to play your part, you will be doomed to spectatorship forever.

You are unique!  You are special!  You were meant to play a major part in this world!  Shakespeare told us “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women, merely players.”  There is a lot of truth in that statement.  The question is, are you one of the players?  Or, have you settled for becoming a spectator?  We choose our own roles to pay on the stage of life.  We were born with the right to choose our roles, yet so many people never exercise this supreme gift.  Are you choosing?  Or are you losing out?

Letting go is essential to your success.  If you insist on hanging onto memories of past disappointments, past failures and past painful situations, you may repeat history over and over again … your very own history.  We have all built walls up around us to protect us from the bad things in life.  But are you aware that those very walls will also keep out the good things in life?   To truly live and grow and achieve, we must tear down those walls!  Yup, some of the bad things will come your way.  But, most of the good things will come through too.  We cannot really live until we are capable of feeling all of the things life has to offer.  How can we judge good from bad if we don’t experience both so we can know the difference?

So tear down your walls!  Act as if you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.  It’s true isn’t it?  What do you really have right now?  What is it that you are afraid to risk?  Let go and apply all of the super tools you have been given through your life experiences.  Work with reckless abandon!  Throw your heart and soul over the wall toward your goal ~ the rest of you will follow before you know it.  It is just waiting for some direction from you!

Oh, I said work, didn’t I?  Work ~ that terrible word?  Try to imagine for a moment a world in which no one had to do any work. It would be great wouldn’t it?  Think again!!! Imagine the feeling of never having anything to get up for in the morning, nothing to look forward to, nothing to get enthusiastic about, seeing nothing better in store for your future, no growth, no gain.  Does that sound like Utopia to you?

I don’t think so!  Work, growth, achievement, accomplishment, success, becoming better today than we were yesterday ~ aren’t those real and exciting reasons for living?  Work also give us the tools by which we can help others step up, help others achieve their dreams.  And … achieve our own dreams in the process.

But, if you refuse to play your part you will be always a spectator.  Will you sing your song or listen while someone else does?  Will you write your book or read someone else’s?  Will you run your race or watch someone else take the checkered flag of victory?  Will you give the performance of your life or stand by while someone else steals your role?  Will you reap the wonderful rewards of being a doer or will you sink into oblivion on the sidelines?

You have a script (remember, you are creating it).  Open it, read it, move into action.  The stage is lit … the curtain is going up … you can … YES!  You’re on!

Tell yourself every day – and so what if it feels silly…


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