The word integrity is defined in Webster’s as “the quality or state of being complete; the quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprightness.  And, the American Heritage Dictionary defines integrity as “rigid adherence to a code of behavior.  To me what seems to be missing from these definitions is the word “spiritual”.  In reading the definitions, however, it does seem to me that spirituality is implied.  Who could have moral soundness or wholeness if they did not also have spiritual integrity?

In paying attention to the various media formats today we find many cries, many pleading voices, for a return to spiritual values, to integrity.  There are many differences of opinion as to how this might be realized, but very little disagreement as to the need for it.  We have been witnessing the appearance of a tremendous amount of corruption, greed, abuse with resulting pain and suffering in the form of joblessness, loss of homes, world hunger,  wars ~ the list goes on.

For a person of  faith, the path is pretty clear cut:  to believe in and work for the good of everyone and the harm of no one, recognizing that all people are brothers and sisters, all are One with the Universal Power called by many names, God,  Allah, Krishna, YHWH (Jehovah), Waheguru, to name a few.   Many of us are share and promote a belief system which is tolerant of all other beliefs or religions, supporting the moral teachings of other religions, through study, wisdom and true understanding.  The person of faith carries within a deep sense of spiritual integrity because s/he puts total trust in Infinite Intelligence, the Universal Power,  There is an innate realization of a pattern of perfection in all things and an acceptance that each of us creates through our thoughts, words, and commitments the manifestations that make up each and every day.

I would put forth then, in the seeming stress of current events, that we have faith that Universal Wisdom will prevail in all things, that all people have integrity, both intellectual and spiritual; that we resolve to do our part by taking time to deliberately reinterpret our relationship to life ~ to think and speak in the language of positives and act with courage  knowing that as we change we are able to increase the whole atmosphere of good in the world;  if thoughts and actions less than good try to enter our life, we will not provide them a resting place.  And as for the Integrity we seek in others …

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

~ Mahatma Gandhi

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