Will You Fall for Anything?

Men must be decided on what they will not do,
and then they are able to act with vigor
in what they ought to do.
– Meng-tzu

We must be constantly on guard regarding what we are accepting for ourselves as we move through each day.  Frequently knowing what we want is determined by knowing what we do not want.  This sounds simple, but in reality it can be challenging.  It is not easy to give up long-held beliefs and assumptions that no longer serve us.  Many of them have become so habitual and automatic that we can even feel them as a part of our very being.  The same applies to people in our lives.  As we grow, personally, spiritually and professionally, it sometimes becomes necessary to let go of friendships, relationships, jobs and even spiritual teachers who no longer serve us as we journey forward.

This concept is easy to understand but not so easy to practice.  Letting go of people, places and things that keep us from revealing the passion of our life is not easy.  From a spiritual viewpoint,  Spirit can only flow through that which is like It; joy, happiness, love, peace, abundance and freedom.  Spirit cannot be revealed in the circumstances and conditions in our lives if we surround ourselves with people who embody a consciousness of fear, doubt and negativity.  This same concept applies to places.  If we work in an environment of negativity and stress, the free flow of Spirit is  blocked and our creativity and productivity are hindered; therefore our happiness, joy, success and peace and unable to materialize.  If we attach ourselves emotionally to things or depend on things to validate our self-worth or insure our joy, we are kept from experiencing joy, peace and happiness when the things don’t show up or disappear.  Can you relate this feeling  of distress to not getting that shiny, powerful new car, or perhaps losing that lucrative and exciting job?

We cannot grow personally, spiritually or professionally unless we practice right thinking.  When we no longer make the effort to think the good and right things, our growth ceases in every way.  There is a prevalent belief that study brings a person growth. Let me ask, does the study of a book on flying enable a man to fly?  It tells him the concept, but he must then put it into practice, and practice alone will enable him to fly.  The study of all kinds of books is essential for our growth, but the benefits are minimal unless the study is followed by practice – unobstructed by the persons, places and things in our lives that do not support our latest idea.  If we find that in our day to day living we do not reflect in reality what we have studied, perhaps we should put down the book and concentrate on the practice.
It is also important to explore books, articles and workshops presented by authors/teachers who prepare from inspiration rather than from the intellect.   As Dr. Bitzer stated in his book, Collected Essays of Robert Bitzer “Our consciousness is always absorbing that which we surround it with and the circumstances and conditions that we take It into.”  We often allow spiritual teachers a greater influence in our minds and therefore we absorb more of their consciousness. It is a rule of progress however that our spiritual growth cannot come to us through the efforts of others for very long – it requires us to practice what we have been “given” in order to move forward.  Just like the practice of flying following the study of our book on flying!

Consciousness is Spirit and we are served well when we learn to fill our mind with thoughts, words and ideas of Love, Truth and Beauty, remaining always aware of how the Law of Mind creates the conditions and circumstances in our lives.   As we embrace all the demonstrations of our lives, knowing they are important to our personal experience, Spirit flows through our mind bringing all the parts and pieces and people together enabling us to fill those experiences with joy, happiness, love and a passion for living.  As these things fill our consciousness all things come to us with grace and ease.  A consciousness filled with these rich ideas attracts opulent living.

As we embody these basic principles of love, joy, happiness and abundance, “we don’t fall for anything” and we find the Law of Attraction bringing the good things in life to our door!


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