Have you ever wondered about miracles?  I have!  Have you ever wondered why miracles never seem to happen to you?  I have!


I discovered you are the miracle , and the magic is within you; I am the miracle and the magic is within me!

We all breathe, digest food, walk, and thousands of other body and mind functions that we take for granted every day.  We never seem to accept that the real celebration of life is going on right inside of us.  While reading this, pause for a moment and really listen to what is going on inside your body right now!  Feel anything?  Are you aware of how your heart is beating, and that blood is being pumped through miles of veins and is rebuilding cells in your body to keep you healthy!  The magic of your mind is sending signals through your whole body so that one part knows how to respond to another!

We have all been given a gift of life.

What do we do with this gift?  How do we handle the most precious gift of all?  Do we take care of it?  Do we abuse it?  Do we treat it with kindness and respect?

Pretend for a moment that you can’t move, can’t see, and can’t hear.  Hold your hands over your ears blocking out as much sound as you can, then sit with eyes closed and don’t move for 2 minutes.  Do you realize how fortunate you are?  There are those who cannot see, cannot hear, or have restricted movement.  Many of those  people have a much finer tuned sense of the magic that lies within … they are often very aware of every nuance of functionality, they are grateful for their awareness and for the gifts they have.  In fact, they are frequently much more grateful for life on a day to day basis than those of us who have no such restrictions.

And so, I ask again, What do we do with this gift of life?

To experience the miracle and magic that you are, all you need to do is accept the natural beauty that resides within you.  To keep fresh in your mind how fortunate each moment of life is, and that we have a choice to make the best or the worst of the most precious gift we have been given, life!

Celebrate Your Miracle Today!

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  1. Linda says:

    So true! We tend to take for granted what we have in life until we are confronted with some loss. A daily practice of reflecting on what we have and expressing gratitude is one way of keeping ourselves centered.

    I celebrated my miracle and gifts yesterday having coffee and a chat with a friend. Friendship is such a precious gift.

    Today, I think will celebrate this miracle and gift by letting that person know how grateful I am that she is a part of my life!


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