“All is well in my world.  Everything is working out for my highest good.  Out of this situation only good will come.”

This affirmation is posted directly above my desk where I see it frequently throughout the day ~ a gentle reminder that life is good … always!

Can you embrace this affirmation?  Can you believe these words for yourself regardless of what experiences you are surrounded by right now?  Are you asking in this moment:  Does she think I have a crystal ball at my fingertips allowing me to see this mess I’m in, my next step, the future?  A crystal ball confirming that all is well…

No, I do not think that at all.

I am simply remembering a workshop I took many years ago, one of the most enlightening workshops I’ve ever participated in ~~ and I am truly a workshop junkie!  The facilitator asked us to write down the answer to the following question:  “What one thing that has happened in your life would you change if you could?” Please stop reading for a moment and write down whatever came into your mind as you read that question.

Did you answer the question?  Good, let’s continue with my story.  At that point the leader continued his presentation including some interactive segments built around goal setting as well as a number of exercises designed to make us dip deep for understanding and clarity of why we make the choices we do.

Several hours later he asked us to return to the page on which we had recorded our answer to the question posed above.  Our next instruction was to make a list of all the wonderful things we currently enjoyed about our life that we would not have if that event had not occurred, if we had been able to “do over” that event.  Would you like to take a moment or two to create your list?  You’ll be surprised at your answers!

Here goes with my enlightenment at that point in my life:  The event I would have changed is a car accident in which my younger brother was killed.  He was my best friend and protector, three months from high school graduation, with a very long list of attributes.  He was gone and I missed him very much.

Next step ~ the list of the joys in my life.   The first things I wrote down that I would not have if that car accident had never happened:  my two delightful sons whom I love beyond belief.  The profound realization that one of the most heartbreaking events of my life had also lead to the very best thing in my life set off a thought process that has lasted for many years.   You see, in my grief after my brother’s death, I decided to relocate  to a different state, that move brought me to a different job, that job was where I met the father of my children, and that marriage resulted in the births of my sons.

And, yes, there have been additional huge challenges, both large and small, some of which I have wallowed in awhile before I remember that one workshop of so long ago and the lesson it taught.  We cannot avoid all the pain and sorrow life presents but once we’ve absorbed this lesson we have the ability to breathe deep, and look forward to the good things that will follow in time.  Life is good ~~ always!

This is an exercise that bears repeating over the years.  Each time you allow yourself to go through this experience you will find more people, more things, and more experiences in which to find true delight.   Each time I experience this process I find myself blessed with the realization of my true treasures and I give thanks for all of my life!

And you find the pain of the challenges fading slowly…


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2 Responses to WHAT IF?

  1. Linda says:

    Yes indeed! Everything in life happens for a reason, even if it isn’t apparent to us immediately. In some ways life can be like dominoes, if you remove a piece, how that can change everything. However, in life you don’t get do overs.

    • All the more reason to cherish each moment accepting that blessings come to us in many disguises, some designed to provide the opportunity to see more clearly our passion and our gifts in this lifetime. Thank you for your insights, Linda ~ you’re awesome!

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