The topic of conversation of a group of friends some time ago brought up the following question:  Is there such a thing as a single, most significant moment in the life of an individual?

Everyone in the group agreed that there was such a moment but our agreement stopped there.  After the group parted I continued thinking about our discussion and came to the conclusion that the inability to agree was because we each approached the question from our own personal values, The question was huge and important thus each person relied on their own spiritual and moral compass in forming their response.

“The most important moment in a person’s life is the realization of first love,” someone said.  “No,” said another, “it is the transition into the responsibility of parenthood.”  Still another offered, “The most significant is the moment before death, because it is our last on earth.”  Back and forth we went, changing our minds from minute to minute and coming up with some quite profound but differing opinions.

As I continued to ponder our conversation I realized that the very nature of our disagreements showed that the events and emotions we mentioned were perhaps just highlights in a lifetime, effects of deeper causes.  I sensed that my friends and I had completely missed the principle beneath these effects.  My intuition told me there was a lesson to be learned from our discussion but we had not really touched upon it that evening.

After several days in which my thoughts kept returning to the conversation it seems my subconscious had been busy at work.  I realized that events, large or small, were the effects created out of the source of life, the effects from the “cause” we thought into being.  Our experiences must be born out of the very time in which they happen … this time, though brief and fleeting, is the always present now!

My conclusion to our conversation is that NOW is the most significant moment of life.  In the NOW, each may choose ~~ this moment is good, or this moment is bad.  Right now, in this very moment, we have the power to create our future events.  We can erase all negatives and enumerate our blessings, or we can continue to dwell in our limitations.  We can imagine the events of the hours ahead as a story written with a poor pen ~ faded, distorted, without meaning or purpose due to our inability to see the words clearly.  Or we can consider this moment as a pattern of harmony and balance.

This very moment is the most important of all time to each person.  It is a preview of the moment which follows.  These moments make up the hour and if we hold on to the goodness of the moment we will experience the goodness of the hours, the days and the years ahead.

When we are willing to open our eyes to the split second of time which is the now, we are free to observe: “The past does not exist; therefore I am not bound by it.  The future is not yet here so I cannot experience an event which has not been born.  Only now is real and the reality of this moment is that my mind and my hands are free to shape it as I choose.”

We are authors and illustrators.  Now is the time to illustrate the future with a sure hand and an inspired imagination.  The imagery of the moment determines the events that follow ~ “What you think about, you bring about…”  The moment is everlasting, stretching into eternity ~ simply put, a continuous track of time made up of these moments.


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