A story in a magazine told of two young girls on their way to school.  They had a rather cantankerous teacher who was prone to giving out difficult punishments for tardiness.  The two girls had been unavoidably delayed at home that morning and they knew that they were in danger of being late for school and a dreaded confrontation with their teacher.

One girl turned to the other and said, “Let’s stop and pray for God to get us to school on time, and let Miss Jones be late, too.”

“No,” her sister replied.  “Let’s run as fast as we can and pray while we are running.”

Although a certain level of fear most likely gripped the hearts of these two youngsters they were wise enough to know that continued action would most likely minimize as much as possible the wrath of their strict and fearsome teacher.   This story thus suggests the need for us to be active on our journey through life, meeting challenges head on with enthusiasm and determination.  We do not pray and then sit down and wait for God to answer our prayers but instead acknowledge that God works through us, and our needs are met when we live actively and with purpose.  Consider the lives of the most prosperous and successful people you know or read about ~ they are not sitting down and dreaming, engaged in wishful thinking, but are moving and participating in life with energy, commitment and joy.  They are making things happen, not watching things happen.

In the words of one of my mentors, the late Mary Kay Ash, “God feeds the birds, but He doesn’t throw it in the nest.”



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