The biggest key to having energy is powerful possibility!  A small goal which can be achieved without much effort will not produce much energy – it’s too easy!  But an exciting dream will produce all the energy a person needs – you just can’t wait to get up and start running every day!

The amount of energy you possess has very little to do with your age so let’s take that excuse off the table right up front!  At any age however, managing your energy is as important as managing your time and your money.  Preparedness produces energy.  Clutter produces a lack of energy.  An organized person has more energy therefore I would submit to you that we need to throw out the excess baggage in our lives.  Excess baggage is the paper we pile up in our offices, closets overflowing with clothes we will never wear, a garage that is so full of “stuff” we park both cars in the driveway ~ you get the idea.  Clear it out and feel the energy surge!

Now you can take that critical step of creating the powerful possibility.   Close your eyes and visualize it… performing on stage, writing that best seller, taking that world class cruise, becoming a renowned speaker, getting that offer to play a professional sport of your choice, etc.  You felt an immediate surge of great energy, didn’t you?  We become tired due to lack of great anticipation and at this point often think we can obtain some energy from other people.  Energy, however, comes from within us.  When we are filled with enthusiasm for a big goal or an exciting upcoming event we become filled with energy.

Boredom, inertia, monotony and depression are some of the results of the lack of commitment to an enthusiastic idea.  Powerful Possibility thinking generates a commitment and a commitment generates energy ~

  • A commitment is wiping out all other options.
  • A commitment is non-negotiable.  There is no other alternative.
  • A commitment will give you a strong step toward boundless energy.

Being neutral about anything produces fatigue while a daring commitment will give you more energy ~ that overriding fatigue will be with you until you make a commitment.

Ask yourself, “Am I daring and in pursuit of my dreams or am I cautious and conservative?  Am I willing to make every effort to get what I want or am I am I willing to sit and watch someone else obtain the goal?   Take a chance versus taking care!  Commit to a risky goal – it will make you feel so vibrant and alive!

Age does not matter, but thinking does!  Your attitude truly does create your altitude.  Make that Powerful Possibility in your life become a real commitment.  Develop that daring spirit and in the words of Nike “Just Do It”


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