Yesterday I sent a card to a friend and former colleague who is having a birthday today.  I wished him joy and abundance and fun and frivolity on his special day.  And … several hours later wondered if he was, indeed, celebrating his life.  He is a delightful person and loves to have fun; is committed to friends and family and enjoys his profession;  I learned much from him about work and  life in the time we worked together and as  he comes frequently into my mind I realized I celebrate him and am grateful our paths crossed.

I don’t think we get much training in celebrating ourselves – do you?  Oftentimes when we attempt to celebrate our wonderfulness someone steals our dream with comments referencing our big ego, busting our buttons with pride, being too big for our britches, maybe even being selfish!  And with these comments our self esteem takes a big hit.

It is our responsibility to know and then to live the fact that we are amazing!  Perfect?  Perhaps just a delightful imperfection here and there – enough to make us outrageously interesting and fun to be around.

So this day I submit to you ~ CELEBRATE YOURSELF!  Grab a journal or notebook and write a letter to yourself telling you just how incredible you are.  See yourself leading the most grandiose, beautiful parade you can imagine ~ you are the Grand Marshall and this whole celebration is just for you!  Oh, grab that journal again write down and celebrate those special things that make your life wonderful:  your family, your friends, your home, the beauty of your environment, your pets, your health, and on and on and on.  Come on, keep going, you have so much to celebrate and you are the star in the middle of all that celebration.  It is YOU who make all these things special.  Step up and celebrate ~ right now, up and out of that chair, dance around the room, sing at the top of your lungs, laugh and giggle and hug anyone nearby!

Happy Birthday to My Friend ~


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  1. Rey says:

    It was also my sisters birthday! Thank you for that. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I just have to say you are the nicest guy you know. LOL Have a great day!!!

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