Nothing Is Too Good To Be True!

Do you know what you want in Life?  Lots of folks do, yet lots of people are searching.  For some the desire is for greater financial freedom, an awesome career, a healthy and joyful personal relationship, a large and interactive circle of friends, the experience of parenting.

The philosophy to which I subscribe allows that The Universe assures Good in all things.  I know in my heart that whatever I am searching for is also seeking me ~ it just hasn’t shown up yet!  It is at this point that I (and I suspect many others) start to wonder why and occasionally decide that maybe the particular experience I strive to create isn’t mine to have now.  On a deeper level I know that these stories I tell myself are not true and that I am here to fill a place, to create a specific experience, to inspire people to be more and be themselves.  I acknowledge that no one else can fill this place, there is something I am to do and no one else can do it, there is someone I am to love and they love me unconditionally too!  At the lower level at which most of us live or vibrate however the phrase that seems to shut us down quickly pops into my mind ~ “that would be too good to be true.”    And upon hearing that we are tempted to give up on our goal, our desire, and our “want” in Life.  Maybe we dream too big.  Maybe we are being unrealistic.   Is anyone else familiar with this story?

Reality Check!!!  There is nothing too good to be true! Don’t be discouraged by those bothersome little stories your mind likes to tell you.  All we desire will appear as soon as we truly accept the gift.  However, a big step we must take is to clearly understand what we want.  Is this thing we choose to experience really going to make a difference in our life?  Will this experience reflect Love, Joy, Harmony, Peace, Light, Beauty, Power and Wisdom into our lives and out into the world?  If our desire does not meet these criteria perhaps we need to reflect on whether we have really connected with our Higher Power, our Higher Self, to clarify the blueprint of our gifts to the world.  The Universe is ever expanding and in essence demands that we also grow and expand.  But guess what, we are humans and as such most of us are very resistant to change whether negative or positive!  You know, if we don’t change we create confusion in our lives – we say we want something, we  think about it, we innately sense that we would be happier with a change but we allow our fear  or our apathy to overpower our deep desire to   take action,  to be  more of, bigger than, happier than,  we are today.  Emmet Fox told us “As within, so without.  You cannot think one thing and produce another.” We are leaving that ever present Universal Power out of our lives, out of the equation to successful completion of our desires!  If we don’t allow our experiences to change us we have left the Spirit out of our search for our Life’s purpose, our success, health, abundance, personal relationships.

Now what?  How do we peacefully move toward the reality of the things we seek?  ACT AS IF – start to BE the change that we seek.  Let go of the idea of time as we know it.  Time creates doubt, fear and confusion.  Remember that this moment in time is what we have.  When we contemplate the past, old tapes replay in our minds bringing in confusion over past choices.  When we look to the future, fear and doubt of our abilities looms darkly.  When we ACT AS IF, we truly embody the idea of change in our lives – real change – and we feel that the real thing is happening right now in this present moment.  We feel joy, enthusiasm, passion for what we have created in our mind and as we fully experience those deep feelings we find we are taking steps to bring that searched for goal into reality in our world.

Each idea that creates more of any Good thing, a more expansive experience of Life as we choose to experience it, when activated by our belief in the Higher Power  and our willingness to change, to ACT AS IF, will indeed, provide the proof  that Nothing is too good to be true!


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