Believe It! You Can Do Whatever You Choose!

This year, realize the importance of believing!  Belief in yourself and in the opportunities before you is so important.  Without it you may never know how far you might have gone in life!

Most of us go through life resenting all the limitations imposed upon us by society, bosses, regular jobs, working conditions, or a lack of education, challenge or advancement opportunities.  However, oftentimes when a true opportunity presents itself we are so used to being limited that we perpetuate the source of our own resentment by unconsciously imposing limitations on ourselves.

How do we do that?  By not thinking big enough.  By not believing that we can make it happen.  By operating on fear rather than faith.  By refusing to start right now.  If we persist in thinking small and settling for crumbs and procrastination when a full banquet table and unlimited opportunities are right before us, we are basically sending the message to ourselves and the Universe that we do not deserve the bigger and better things in life.  Not so!  Not So!

Most people mistakenly say they have to see it before they believe it.  However, they really need to believe it before they will ever get to see it.  Which comes first, the belief or the reality?  Simple!  Which do you have total control over?  The reality?  No!  But you do have total control over your thoughts and your beliefs.  Therefore, you must exercise your total control.  Control your beliefs and you will bring about the realities.  As the old saying goes “Believe and achieve ~ or doubt and do without.”

When you finally decide to totally let go of old fears and start operating almost solely on faith, you will achieve your goal.  Stick to it!  Know that obstacles are temporary, and they only make you stronger.  Assets, such as talent, education, and intelligence are great.  But if you were to put those assets together and leave out belief you would achieve nothing.

You are special!  You deserve the best things in life.  Picture yourself a success.  Seeing is believing ~ visualize and realize.  Reach for your outer limits!  Break through your barriers!  Start expecting miracles!  Believe with all your heart that you will make it happen.  Work as if your success is guaranteed.  Remember, no guts, no glory!  Believe in yourself and make it all happen for you.

Step out into your greatness!

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