A Set Back is a Set Up for a Come Back!

One of my favorite sayings is “A set back is a set up for a comeback” and I have seen that proven true many times in my life and in the lives of family and friends!  Today I’m offering you Six Steps for a Comeback in 2010.

Are you a person who experienced a setback in 2009?  Do a lot of the people you know feel they are victims of this current economic climate?  Perhaps they’ve lost jobs, maybe their home is in foreclosure, maybe their credit is trashed and they can’t buy a car so they can get to work or to interviews for work, perhaps they lost health insurance for themselves and their families, maybe they can’t put food on the table for their children… or there are the business owners who are searching every possible way to avoid laying off employees, there is the salesperson trying to reach quota to maintain his job, there is the teacher trying to stimulate the minds of her students without access to enough books.  The list of maladies that people are experiencing right now goes on and on and on and so many are feeling hopeless and helpless.

OK – right now, in your mind, shout out STOP!! Once again, with the loudest mental voice you can conjure up, with all the enthusiasm you can muster, shout it out – STOP!!  Shock and Stop the negative meanderings of woes through your mind.

And now let us begin the “Set Up”:

Point 1: I’ like to suggest you stop running yourself down.  There is so much that is good and right about you.  You truly do have the same capacity you had before.  Perhaps you have even more because you’ve had to expand your abilities through creativity and resourcefulness.  Empty your mind of your failures – walk right up to the waste basket and brush your hands over your mind and right down into the trash.  Now, take a deep breath filled with respect for yourself ~ you’re taking a new step today!

Point 2: Self pity be gone!  Think about what you have instead of those things you have lost. Sit down and list your good points (assets) on paper – be generous with yourself and all the wonderful things you have accomplished as well as the great characteristics you have!

Point 3: Remember #2 – No more pity parties!  Quit thinking of yourself.  Think about helping other people.  Actually go out of your house and find someone who needs what you can give, and then give it!  Maybe it is a small task like carrying groceries for an elderly person, shoveling snow, mowing grass, watching a child.  Or perhaps it is a larger task like volunteering at the hospital, at a shelter, in a soup kitchen, at a school, etc.  You WILL create a continuing flow of abundance if your thoughts are focused on giving to others rather than on your own challenges.

Point 4: Take responsibility.  Accept that you alone are in control of your feelings.  It is not what happens that creates the feelings, but what you tell yourself about what happens – your self-talk.  When you change the negative internal messages to your brain and begin sending positive messages you will be amazed as the burdens feel lighter and you can see opportunities with more clarity.  Opportunities, by the way, that have been there all along but were hidden behind all that negative clutter.

Point 5: Set a goal and set a completion time for it.  Be realistic with what you expect but at the same time allow the goal to be large enough to stretch you a bit.   And, yes, goals will vary widely among people:  for some just getting out of bed to face the day before noon will be huge, for others  sending out one more resume will be a challenge, or consider the single parent searching for a trustworthy and affordable babysitter so he/she can go to work.

Point 6: Give it up!  Stop wasting mental energy on complaints, gripes and post mortems.  Start thinking about what you can do – what action you can take today.    Read motivating and positive publications, listen to tapes.  If you can’t afford to buy these things visit your local library for access to them.

Your “Set Up” is in order. Now step up and hang on, tie your shoes and run consistently in the direction of your goals ~~ YOUR “COME BACK” IS ABOUT TO ARRIVE!

Most important of all ~ Believe in Yourself!

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