Clear It Out and Move On

At the beginning of a New Year perhaps many of you join me  in the decision of plain and simply getting rid of some clutter; I must discard, clean up and move on to new adventures!  Clearing my office, my home (those pesky closets) and probably most importantly, my mind, gives me the opportunity to focus more directly on things of value to me in creating my successes in the first year of this new decade .

My mind sometimes carries leftover conflict and hurt feelings, no matter how slight.  Anyone with me? Today is my day to release and forgive any of those negative experiences, hit the “delete key” if you will.  They are history and in clearing my mind I can start a fresh and joyful journey.

One of the things I must step up to is giving up on my agenda … my agenda for other people!  You would think I’d “get it” one of these years and see that when I spend my time being concerned with someone else’s agenda, I take my energy from my own goals and literally spend it on someone else’s experience.  Maybe I believe at some level that I can control or manage their stuff better than they can.  Yuck ~ where did that come from?  They are the only ones fully capable of choosing the path they want to take.   The resulting consequences are theirs to enjoy and/or grow from.   I hereby resign from attempting to author anyone else’s life.  I have enough to get clear on in my own life and as the saying goes “when you’re decided, you are guided” so I set my intent to be decisive about what I want in this New Year.  Would you, too, like to focus your energy on yourself and see how high you can soar?

Now that the agenda is out of the way, this new decade seems like a great time to recognize and accept (again) that everyone else, just like me, are works in progress.  We are all growing through, crawling over, or sailing freely through the things we have take possession of in our minds.  I choose in this first month of our New Year to not diminish another person but rather to give them the freedom to display their talents and let their own magnificence shine.  Somehow I believe this release will let me return fully to making personal progress on the ideals I choose for me, knowing that the new good will appear in my life.  The follow up to that, of course, is that I carry no burden of expectation regarding the journey others choose.

Sometimes we find it difficult to release or forgive either ourselves or others for actions taken (or not) because we don’t take the time to explore the opportunities to put in place of those offending activities.   When we have cleared out and given up the clutter and everyone else’s  agendas our mind is able to make much clearer choices.   Keep in mind there is always a thought or action that will provide the balance to allow our creativity to thrive.

Giving up the agendas of others, accepting that we are all works in progress … the next step seems to be dumping any negativity!  There are many appearances of negativity in the world over which I have absolutely no control.  I choose to invest my time with potential solutions, kindness, healing, and guidance. I choose to not borrow or share negativity but to instead create and implement new ideas.  I commit to being grateful for the good in each day.  A gratitude journal seems the perfect tool to record each positive experience of each day ~ wouldn’t you also enjoy looking back on all your own good stuff as you close this coming year?

Come with me ~ Clear your way and treat yourself to the experience of greater and greater joy and success in 2010!

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1 Response to Clear It Out and Move On

  1. Gerri says:

    Absolutely perfect. Just what I needed to hear and said in a clear and precise manner. I need to keep my eyes focused on my goals and not someone else’s. There is plenty to do.

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