As We Close This Decade …

As we close this decade and begin a New Year I am discovering that many people want, above all else, to live life fully, even though, when pressed, they are unable to define what that really means to them.  But it also becomes clear in these conversations that sometimes we allow the past to prohibit our living and enjoying life to the utmost in the present.

“A school teacher entered his room a few minutes early and  noticed a meal worm laboriously crawling along the floor. It had  somehow been injured.  The back part of the worm was dead and dried up, but still attached to the front, living part by just a thin thread.

As the teacher studied the strange sight of the poor worm  pulling its dead half across the floor, a little girl ran in and noticed it there.  Picking it up, she said, “Oh, Oscar, when are you going to lose that dead part so you can really live?”  (Author unknown but greatly appreciated)

What a marvelous question for all of us!

When are you going to lose that dead part so you can really live?  When are you going to let go of past pain so you can live fully? When are you going to drop the baggage of needless guilt so you can experience life? When are you going to let go of that past resentment so you can know peace?

As Ernest Holmes states in Science of Mind, “I love my past and my future and understand that they are but continuations of one unbroken chain of life.  There is no future to be afraid of and no past to bring discord into the present.”

Have you been dragging something that is dead and gone around with you? Are you ready to “lose that dead part so you can really live”?

“Someday” is not a day of the week and “sometime” is not found on any clock; TODAY, this very present moment,  is to be celebrated as uniquely precious ~ This is the day to live life fully! Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to As We Close This Decade …

  1. Gerri says:

    Great use of the 1/2 dead worm story. I have used it for a sermon before and this is a new way of using it. I particularly like the Ernest Holmes quote in conjunction with it.

  2. Rey says:

    Thank you very much Sally!! I like your site and I sure can use plenty of positive reinforcement these days, what you have said has made me reflect and given me a different perspective on how to move on to better things. Respectfully Rey

  3. Lana says:


    Thank you for your kind words of inspiration. Tapping into ones spiritual fountain helps us renew and see the miracles all around us. May the people of Haiti feel the prayers sent their way.

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